The Best of Travel

The very best travelling I have done, and my travelling has been extensive, was unplanned and with someone I loved. When travel is too scripted, it loses much of its serenity, much of its power, some of its teachability and all of its passion. You may want to get your bang for your buck and see everything there is to see but the trick is to save so e for a return journey. It gives you hope for future travel and allows your head and soul to relax and nestle into a place. So etimes the off road adventures are uch more fun than the planned tourist things. They are more interesting also and more involved to draw you in. It is the difference between the sculpted gorgeous but very touristy Watkins Glen (NY) versus the rugged and hikeable and more raw not as touristy Ricketts Glen (PA). Both are gorgeous but Ricketts to me was an adventure and thus more memorable and enjoyable. Sometimes exploring a place and seeing and talking to natives of that place in a local coffee shop teaches you much more than a brochure’s polished verbosa with a couple pics. So the absolute best of travel, the good stuff, is adventurous exploration where you take your time and really try to learn a place, a people, what makes them tick, their slang/language, their beauty. Take some time. Devote some energy into doing nothing. And if you cannot help but plan your day to the minute, you poor soul, then schedule free/miscellaneous time into your day for what comes. It is often the very best of all travel. Fun can happen there. And if you can stay at a bed and breakfast or campground, somewhere other people are, that is all the better. More people to meet, more to learn.

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