The Difference Love Makes

When you feel poved and accepted, you feel like you are walking around whole where you once were walking around with half of you. It is like having walked through the desert for a long time and then fou d water and drunk it up. At first, you wondered if it was a marage because you don’t dare to hope. Then you decide that hoping and being wrong is better than dying of thirst and you take your chances. Then you realize it is real and drink deeper and accept it and it becomes part of your reality. It is beautiful and it is life changing. There is no greater explanation than that the dead came back to life because of love. The thing is that we have always had that love from God. Yes, we cannot see Him but if we study nature around us, we can see His work and know Him and feel His love. Love from another person is blissful but God provides an inner calm and joy and securitythat fi ds you in any situation and stays with you there. That is beautiful in its own right. And God is much more reliable and faithful than another person.


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