Back to the Circus

And forging up the dunes from the beach, our hearts wander deeply within our experiences to find a way to remember this calm day, this day we shared of peace and moments of joy. This day was calm and home. Fading smiled emerged as realizations were prompted by trudges onward back to the circus. And the clowns were still tastelessly swinging their jokes and bears were shamelessly begging for food while balancing on balls, jugglers juggling, acrobats working relentlessly on their form and every day looked just like the other, this sterile home deprived place in sand and dying grass. And you dread going back and are on the verge of drudgery and role acceptance and unbeknownst to you, a flicker of warm light hits your eye. And you remember that for a few hours you had gotten away to the beach. You still had the sun smell on your skin. You still had sand in your fip flops. And even if the rest of the the walk takes you down paths of redundancy or valleys of pain and discomfort, there are great momentous memories you can cling to and draw from and there are always hopes of return or hopes of future days like it and of course future plans after this life is over to better days forever with God. Hope comes in many wonderful shales and sizes.


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