An Eye for Eyes

Ever notice how the people we love have the most beautiful eyes? Maybe it is how they look at us. Maybe it is that we look at them more and notice the beauty. Maybe it is because of the blind love thing where everythuing is beautiful when love is there. All that is true. I think, however, in my strong romantic sensibilities, that the better you know and study a person, the more you can see the very very subtle changes their eyes make that tells on them. Through those beautiful orbs we can see into the intentions and thoughts, the soul’s outcries, the heart’s echoes and it draws us in. To know someone truly is to love them and to love them is to see inside into their essense. It is so passionately beautiful, so eagerly genuine and heart warming. The greater you pay attention, the greater is the amount of u derstanding you possess of that person’s design, imperfections, truth. We can see when lies creep in and when truth wins. We can feel their struggles and joys through these lenses. There is great beauty in seeing another person’s soul through their eyes and a great joy in learning a new perspective on life through learning their soul. The abundance of new material to peruse is enough to keep one occupied for a lifetime or at leat until next Tuesday. Lol The eyes hold every secret but you cannot study them until their heart allows it. And you cannot understand their intricasies until you put in the time and pay attention.

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