Silly Bad Poetry Written By Me

Songs That Shouldn’t Have Been Written

When songs are written with a pen
And they these songs are sung again
But other ears are never asked
If sense is made of what was taked
And no one else can comprehend
This weird thought pattern that you penned
And what you wrote could never be
Understood by any you or me,
Well that is when the song you wrote
Should maybe have never left your boat.

Bad Dreams

Bad dreams come to the young
And they come to the old
They come to discourage rest from sleep
They bring you a mish mosh
Of unpleasand thoughts
They mix your fears with a glob of unease.

Sporting A Superlong Goatee

Nothing says I am a manly man
And not a goatlike man at all
Like a long goatee with shaven cheeks
As long as you are tall.

These wonders are great to behold
They scream “Please braid me now
Or trim me and I will look nice”
And it should be done somehow.

Fear of the Dark

Irrational Fears can often attack the mind.
Fears of hurt or pain or the color puce
But none is more common than the fear of dark
And nothing is of littler use.
For half our lives is lived in dark
And half in light as well
And where we can switch on a light for a bit
We can see that it always prevails.

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