Lessons from Art

The broadest brush has the least sensitivity.

The right art to make is what has voice to you.

There is a great deal of beauty in everything, you just have to look at it right.

Symmetry, balance, color and texture are invaluable to recognize beauty.

Your mind can fill in a lot of missing information.

Thirty sets of eyes see thirty different interpretations.

Never understimate the power of someone feeling understood because of your art.

Many things people underestimate can be beautiful together.

Making someone think is just as important as making them happy.

Perfection is impossible but imperfection can be perfect.

Sometimes the littlest things are the most important.

You must have something to say in order to convey that voice to another.

Age does not matter, vision does. Where that vision exists is different for everyone.

To be an artist is to be one who appreciates and mimics the Great Artist, God.

Art is never ever time wasted or money misspent.

The heart and soul whisper the important things and scream the generic ones.


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