On Control

The only thing you can control on this planet is yourself, and sometimes that is sketchy. When you try to control someone else or work really hard to control the situation to go your way, you make the other person miserable, make yourself crazy (because you cannot push a rope without going crazy trying), and you kill any respect and trust that would be there if you weren’t so busy with futility. Control is something best left to the Professional (and by that I mean God) who knows what is best all the time for everyone and who loves everyone. When we try to take His job as controller away, we suck at it, we screw up everything, we alienate everyone eventually. If you can keep yourself in check, you are doing something really special, something rarely done now. So if control is your aim in life and relationships, just stick with yourself. Try that first. See how it goes. It just may be all you can handle at one time. It sure is all I can ever try to handle at one time. I used to think if I had control of a situation, I could help everyone involved because I knew what they needed and thought I could better get it for them. I thought I could care enough and mean well enough to iron out the details as I went. And once in a while it worked and I could help people I loved. But looking back, I realize it was God’s will to help them so had everything to do with His power and will and not mine. More often than not, I ended up screwing things up, like Emma in Jane Austen’s book Emma. So I realize that no matter how much I think I can help, it is God who knows best what that needs to look like to be successful. If we let God be God, things get done. So, I leave control to Him and will work on this little girl here (namely me) when I need to control something. Feels like the right thing to do.


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