On Perfect Days

God sometimes smiles down on us with love and gifts us with a perfect day when we need one. And sometimes we get a perfect part of the day. Either way, His gift to us is the only way perfect happens. But when it happens, there is no description of the beautiful appreciation I feel, so light inside and happy out, such absolutely amazing love just warms up the whole body. When God gives you a gift, He makes sure it is exactly right on every level, makes sure you realize only He could have been involved in how gorgeous it turns out, how seemingly made to order it is. True, this doesn’t happen often, but my day today is proof that it does happen and I am here to acknowledge that I recognize it and am so very thankful for this heart song gift. A lot about life is messed up right now, a lot of hard spaces and dark spots and ugly moments. But a light was provided today for my soul to bask in and appreciate. God gave me sunshine. He gave me the perfect day in nature, hours of calm for my mind, beauty. Every moment of such is a treasure, a blessing, a little perfection amidst imperfections of life. Who knew such a glorious moment could happen when so much is difficult. And I thank God that He allowed me to see and appreciate the gift as He was giving it to me. Hope. Hope is found in a gift from God at a key moment. It can be missed if we plow through it or walk around it, focused on the problems at hand. But when we are paying attention, you will see God gives you many more blessings much more often than you ever thought possible. And this perfect day was mine. Look closely and you will see one for you also.


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