Balancing Beams and High Wires

When quite young, my parents took me to gymnastics at the YMCA in Niles, MI every Saturday for a couple years. I loved the balance beam. I excelled at it and could do a somersault on it and never fell off that I can remember. We quit before time to do cartwheels, so that was as far as I got on it. But the thing I took away from that was that poise, focus and balance go together. Correct posture has everything to do with proper balance. Our focus has everything to do with proper balance. Standing up strong and tall and confidently leads to success at balance. Slouch or stand sloppy or with an uneven proportion of weight per leg and you are easily pushed over. As followers of Christ, when we lose our focus, our poise, our guard, our attention to distribution of the weight of things in our life, we lose our balance in life. And of we lose our balance, we fall. We can fall hard. And if we have extended ourselves too much, we convert that balance beam to a high wire. The more we mount up our duties to meet other people’s expectations of us, the wire is thinner and thinner and higher and higher and we have a much easier time maintaining such exacting focus and poise because of its higher energy drag and distractions around us. (Might I say that those with the greatest demands and expectations are most usually the ones doing less than their fair share, to put it gently, and want you to pick up their slack.)the things, we are never asked to do one million things perfectly. Everyone is asked to do what they can to the best of their ability, doing one or two things very well is ideal. So, I realize the excessive demands upon me at the moment are much greater than I have any right to be ha doing, however they must be done at this moment. So, the focus of my eyes and heart must then be on Someone (God) greater than my strength to help me get maintain balance until I can be relieved of one or more of my excess duties. And if I focus on Him, He can give me extra strength for each new moment and get me through these rough times without me losing balance and falling. I am grateful for the help. I am thankful for people in my mlife that love me and help lighten the load by encouraging and hugging and spending time with me. It is beautiful to see the few who show God’s love so magnificently. It warms the heart and feels amazing. And this work to the breaking point will not last forever.


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