Forgiveness Equals Love

To truly love so some is to forgive them. To truly love yourself is to forgive. To forgive is to love God, yourself and the person who wronged you. To not forgive is to declare God’s forgiveness of your sins as insignificant or insufficient to produce gratitude or reciprocated forgiveness and generosity of spirit. As such, to not forgive is a slap in God’s face and as such causes a respect separation between you two. The only cure to that problem is forgiveness. And it is the same in a relationship. When one feels wronged by the other and the other is unaware of the offense until later, the feelings of disappointment and anger arise and form a rift between the two. If the wronged party holds that tight and will not let it go in forgiveness despite the other’s efforts, the rift will remain and may grow to disallow movement forward or further bonding or trust in the relationship. This sacrifices the possibility of great and amazing things to happen through reconciliation through forgiveness and the possibilities of growth and service together. The lack of forgiveness stunts the growth of the individuals and the couple and also causes a separation from God. It is serious. It is mean. It holds hostage the person who screwed up as all humans do, holds up the relationship and holds up God’s blessings on your life and relationship. Choosing to forgive is choosing a fuller, richer, healthier life for yourself, the other person and the couple as a union. Choosing to forgive, even when forgiveness has not been sought, is to be the bigger person, to show a beautiful and strong but humble character and reflect the beauty of our God having forgiven us. It is a huge step in being more like Him, our Savior. To choose to forgive and let things go is to choose a life of love and freedom and possibility and not a life of imprisonment and heartache and stress. So, forgiveness equals love and that principle is sound and valuable. Everyone wants to feel loved and everyone wants to feel good about their choices and to choose forgiveness is to take a huge step toward both of those.


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