The Time Quandry

I spend time with those I love. I feel the most loved in the world when I can just hang out with someone. Of course, with those I love, I give hugs and kisses as often as I can. Most of my loved ones are far away or out of reach. This is a problem. So loving becomes a project, hard work, impossible work, failing work. It hurts, this problem, like most problems do. It sucks away life. Lack of freedom of expression is extremely painful, leaves me drained, sucks life from me, hurts my heart. So I have to find love in the Author of Love, the Loving One who always has time for me, who I matter to, who always gives and always is available to give to, who loves me despite my weaknesses and fauilts, who lets me express myself and made me driven to do so, who is not ashamed of me but proud, who has always been the One I could count on anytime for any reason anywhere. This is the only option as inaccessibility to arms remains. Arms are so very hard to come by. I have been seeking them for years. I think my mistake was u referencing that these arms I need and have always needed would only satisfy if they never left. I need and have needed everlasting arms, those belonging to the Loving One. The difficulty is that the holding is a Spirit and soul thing and not a physical touch. My heart needs hugs. The Comforter can do this, this loving God, the Loving One, the Heart Hugger. I can fall into His arms when there are other arms accessible. I can talk to Him anytime night and day, which is incredibly wonderful as I have too much to say lately. So if you find yourself alone sometimes or all the time, even surrounded by people, maybe you can also access this loving God who knows and love you just as well who is always available to you. And maybe , just maybe, time with Him will make us feel human and loved again. Worth a shot.


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