On Sentimental People

Many of the greatest sentimental people/romantics come across as having hard exteriors to guard themselves. Some are shy, some are guarded, some are both. Sometimes the people who appear or come across as blatantly sentimental or feeling or romantic are pretenders, want attention, are shallow, are easily read by those whose empathy gift is natural and highly tuned. It is difficult to separate the way something feels with the logic of its explanation. How it feels is how it feels, despite the logical arguments. But feelings and logic must meet to live in real society where we have to work to get paid and have a roof over our heads as opposed to quitting for a while to help out a needy friend or do some volunteer work at a homeless shelter or help build a house with Habitat for Humanity. There is a balance with every type of person in life. But some dear people naturally gravitate to the feeling, sensitive side of life. These amazing ones have a true gift. It is the gift to see beyond, they see or rather feel the inside of so done through their eyes, through their skin, past their facades. They instantly (if they have honed their skills) whether someone is trustworthy, whether or not the situation is shady, whether or not someone is truly hurting or faking it for attention, what that person or situation needs to feel better. And then they help. If they are too shy, they regret not helping but when their soul and heart are stirred, there is nothing they won’t do to make things better, helping any way possible, share love. These people are the true and invaluable treasures of society. They are the hands and arms and helpers of God to the world. I respect these beautiful people and their gift. Truly they give flavor and grace to any society. One cannot help but be in awe of that ability to feel what most cannot, read a person’s hidden soul, discover a method of care and do it. How much more like Jesus Christ can you be? I find many of these individuals gravitating towards music because of its emotional power and feeling drive and my musician friends are the dearest in the world to me. I try to emulate them and be still enough as many are to observe more but am reminded often that we all have our different gifts and callings. I am content to quietly learn from these giants of love and try to listen more than speak. Being around them helps me love better. Being loved by them keeps me humble and encouraged and special. These meek souls are the most powerful on earth because of their closeness to emanating Christ and I can see why God has a blessing on them. Often overlooked or abused or taken for granted or unappreciated or used, where people are concerned, they should be the respected leaders, the revered counsellors, the go to sages of heart knowledge. They, in a perfect world, would receive places of honor for their abilities and in God’s kingdom they will. So, I wish to be more meek, more empathetic, more loving, more giving, more helpful, more in tune with people’s pain like these treasured souls. This is my new prayer.

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