The Power of Romance to a Woman

Women do not need romance but we have a deep desire to have it in our lives in order to feel secure and loved. Women know that a man will not be romantic with a woman unless he loves her, whether just because of that love or to reciprocate or get something back or because he is guilty of something. Women (most) are not stupid. Romance is a warm, safe, loved place to be. We feel appreciated and loved when we are attended to softly. It is much more important than I ever realized. Without romance, the emotions and hormones inside us force us to doubt love, to doubt security, to doubt importance, to doubt sincerity, to doubt appreciation. And each woman sees romance differently, according to how she’s cut, how God designed her, her experiences, her love language. Some women love receiving flowers, others (like me) could do without that forever but love planting flowers outside to see them longer and represent life and not dead flowers (no bias there). So those women want a potted plant to nurture and that is very romantic. Some women want a massage, touches through the day, hugs in abundance. Some women want love notes and encouragement. Some would find it romantic just to pick up your clothes off the floor or wash the dishes once in a while. Everyone is different and the beauty and bonding in a relationship allows for exploration into what works best. But not exploring that or doing anything about it once you know is not an option if you want to stay warm and cozily loved in your woman’s heart. A woman will remain long after her heart has left. And also, a woman (most women anyway) is quick to forgive when attempts are remade. To prevent this heart numbing and cessation of full life and happiness in the relationship, efforts must be made. Men need romance too, now. It is important to provide what each other needs for happiness to be possible. The efforts are rewarded richly (unless sense is not involved).

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