Doing My Best

I cringe when people say they are doing their best. Why? Because our best is subjective to the power we believe we have at that moment and our level of concentration. My kids often us this phrase when they are actually putting up a half-hearted attempt in their own timing while daydreaming or attending something else at the same time. If we actually did our best, the world would be a very different place right now. If we focused clearly on our task and poured all our energy into said task until the job was complete, litter wouldn’t be an issue, good customer service would not be so difficult to come by, people would drive better so fewer accidents, things would be cleaner, people would have more of what they need in life. Especially true if we see our power as believers in Jesus Christ and use the power that lives in us from Him, the Holy Spirit. Now there is more meaning in the words because we are talking about the greatest power in the universe being inside us to draw from. Suddenly then, doing our best means doing His best with is right up there with the best that can be done. Now, as humans we cannot maintain that level of energy and connectedness with God and focus and clarity of thought without constant contact through prayer or Bible reading and we have to work also and pay attention to other things as part of our job and responsibilities. So there is the rub. But we can reserve the phrase “doing my best” for when we actually are. Words mean something. If you say it, think about it first to see it that is an accurate description of the action. When words are misused, they lose power and meaning. So, maybe if we actually do our best, we can do a heck of a lot of good.


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