No Such Thing as Ideal

Ideal conditions are the greatest tests of character. There have been several ideal situations in my life, which were either incredibly short lived or completely false. By ideal, I mean without any problems, all according to the desires of your heart, comfortable, idyllic, harmonious, balanced, poised for perfection. It is an incredibly rare place to be. And when everything seems too good to be true, it probably is not, most probably some beautiful fantasy or dream, some temptation or test. Yes, it can be a momentary reward, but most often is not. Some passions must go unanswered. Some desires will not be fulfilled. Some longings of the heart just will never be satisfied. This is how life is. We want, we covet, we desire, we feel, we emote our impassioned cries to the wind and long for transformation. But we long for comfort. We long for peace and safety. We long for perfection. There are enormous holes in our souls that are very tempting to want to fill, with an amazing person, a passion, a desire, a vice, a feel good thing. What that hole is really for is to connect us to the perfect God who made us and longs for connection with us He loves and made. We confuse that. It is abstract and invisible to fill a hole with something intangible, something invisible, something spiritual. We want what we can touch, what we can see, what we enjoy sensing. We move to fast in life to realize that God fills deeper and more lasting than anything else He made. His handiwork is what we sense, what we see, what we hear, what we enjoy and call beautiful and magnificent. He is found wherever we look. Those things we want to fill our soul holes are made by God. The difference between what satisfies permanently and what teases and leaves alone is focus and attention on the Maker of the thing or the thing itself. When we dig a bit Deeper and give God the props and attention rather than the thing, He doesn’t mind giving you what you want on His terms, for His purpose, by His Word. Such is life. But life is best this way in the long run.


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