The Act of Living

Many obstacles upset the full availability of life. Many rocks come crushing down on us regularly to stifle life and destroy us if they can. Ironically, we make some of these. The enemies (spiritual and human) around us make others. Nonetheless, we forge our way as our early pioneer ancestors journeying out west. We keep moving. Life is an action. When you give up and lie down, you are trampled, crushed. When you decide not to move forward on purpose, life loses much of its power as that is a decision to give up what may be behind the next bend in the road. We think that because we can’t see how the prize is obtainable that it must not be or must not exist. This is pathetic baby stuff. Children give up if they think they can’t do something and good parents encourage them to try again. Why? Because they know how, know it is doable, have been there before, understand the prize is worth the effort. So if you are wanting to quit or give up on the prospect of a full and happy life with all the beauty it can bring, let me be mom for a minute and tell you that you can do it. Keep trying because I have been where you are. I have been at the point of deep despair at the loss of my best friend, at the wrong side of a backhand of someone who was supposed to love me (who may still not be walking right now), at the despair of losing a child, at the loneliness of an empty bed, under the weight of a thousand expectations and chores, and I get it. But. And this is a very big but. I have also flown, I have experienced joy of serving others around the world, experienced the ecstasy of holding my children in my arms, the beauty of thousands of sunsets and sunrises, known the exhilaration of winning races and competitions, known the beauty of love late in life that I did not think was even possible with someone perfect for me, and I have seen God do amazing miracles many many times. You can borrow my faith. You can even keep it, I have enough for both of us. And trust me as you can but trust God for sure when He tells you that He loves you perfectly right where you are as you are and forevermore. And He can take care of you. He can heal you. He can give you happiness and joy and peace in life, greater than you thought possible.


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