The Lighter Side of Dementia

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy Daddy fell again and thus has been ordered to be bed – ridden from now on by the Hospice doctor. This traumatized me. I know how he always was, a very very hard worker, always working on farm equipment, cars, work, choir practice and special music, always on the go. My thought is being confined to bed 24/7 would kill him, depress his spirit, plunge him into a world of hopelessness and loss. I got depressed thinking about it. I was so sad yesterday pondering this horrible fate. Today, I walk in the door, fully expecting a morose scene of anger at having to be in this stupid bed or what not. I am not met with anything of the sort. I am met with a smile and a welcome. I realize that dementia has its serious advantages because he doesn’t remember wanting to do anything else at the moment. He doesn’t remember all the working and running and being with crowds of people that he enjoyed. He is in the now and is happy. God is helping him not remember the bad and focus on the good. He appreciates being waited on, is thankful for being cared for, happy to be loved. I may not be able to converse the way I would like with him and learn more about his life, but I can make him laugh and smile and feel loved. Dementia has its silver lining. It has some serious perks. Forgetfulness can be an enormous blessing.


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