Power Words “Yes” and “No”

“Yes” and “no” are two of the most powerful words in our vocabulary. With a yes or no, you can command people, relationships, decisions, wills, armies, wars, interactions, intimacy, obedience in children, so many things. All with one word, “yes” or “no”. Yes or no to surf and turf, yes or no to chocolate, yes or no to obedience, yes or no to generosity, so many choices made with such tiny words. However, there must be a decision within first in order for the yes to stay yes or the no to stay no. If a person vacillates like a politician, for example, or someone unsure of what they truly want for whatever reasons, there will surely be confusion and some level of chaos. So the power only remains when it is consistent. So, make a decision and proclaim it loud and proud and the power, you will find, is there for your will to be accomplished. Even if it is disobeyed or disrespected, at least power has gone out from you to accomplish a goal and there is great pride that comes from the effort to be heard. Power is still there. And especially within a relationship, with someone you love who loves you, do not fear your voice or assume your voice will not or need not be honored. Say what you want, especially what you need, and you just may get it. Don’t say it and it probably won’t happen. If you say it, faith can start working and God can also answer your request. And with someone who loves you, they naturally will want what is best for you, to provide what you need, to help in any way they can. It is a beautiful thing to grow a relationship in this way. And it all starts with the simply powerful “yes” or “no”. Don’t be afraid to voice these important words but also use them wisely. Be sure that is really what you want or need.


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