A Cynic’s View of Trust

I believe firmly that God is the only trustworthy Being in the world or outside of it. I believe that He is the only One perfect and strong and wise and insightful enough to be able to keep all His promises and maintain everyone’s trust all the time. And in the Bible, He is the only One (God, in all His forms that is) we are ever commanded to trust. God is the only One capable of living up toour expectations of trust because along with everything goo, He is Truth and Faithful. People don’t always mean to be untrustworthy, though some do. But all people have this imperfect chip. No one is perfect but God. No one can be. We can try and we should. We can work on it and we should. But to be disappointed by someone breaking our trust in them, if you think long and hard about it, is a little naive and a tad hypocritical. You are asking someone to do something that you yourself cannot do, be perfect. Now, I do not condone at all flagrant misuse and breaking of trust. I am saying that we are to trust God and not people. Why? God can be trusted all the time, every time, will never disappoint, always does what He says, is I capable of lying, does not depend on our actions to be good, loves us forever, is in charge and co trol of the universe, etc. You can bank on Him. And really, that should be enough.we trust in Him and trust that He will take care of us in every way. People cannot do that, it is beyond the scope of their abilities. Again, they can try. But if you put all your trust in an imperfect person and not in a perfect God, of course you will be disappointed, as you have set yourself and the other person up for failure. Yes, we should strive to be trustworthy and faithful for we are trying to be like Jesus, who was all those things. We should do our best. But falling apart when someone we have given too many trust demands on drops the ball is quite ignorant. The over-truster is to blame as much as the trusted who can not be perfect. Cynical view? Perhaps. But I also believe realistic. Why should our relationships rely on a pretence that the other person must maintain perfection and never ever break our unrealistic expectations of trustworthiness at every moment in life and every circumstance? We are showing an enormous lack of faith in God. We should form relationships with people based on mutual faith in God, knowing we are works in progress and we are all on a journey closer to Him. Anything else is a man made construct destined for failure. Forgiveness should be our first thought when someone has broken our unrealistic trust in them and not a self-sorrow because we were wrong get again to trust someone other than God. Again, sounds cynical, but there is an overpopulation brokenness and underpopulation of faith and forgiveness which cannot be understated. We need to change this. God heals, people break. They don’t mean to and should try not to, but he who is without sin only can cast a stone and judge people guilty. Something to think about?


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