Love in Ambiguity

Of all the words in our language, the most distressing to me is the word “love” because we cannot get the proper dimension or depth of its meaning by the word alone. We love our friends, some deeper than others, we love grilled steak, we love dogs, we love our children, we love God, we love a good fit in the morning, we love pizza. You see my point? Where is the depth shown? When someone says “I love you”, what does that mean? How deep do you mean it? Do you love me as much as you love a type of music or your favorite football team or in a deeper romantic way? There is no clarity. What one person means by love is also different than another’s, based upon their depth of feeling, character, morals, ethics, personalities, so “love” is actually quite ambiguous, if you think about it. So either we need some new words to help us out, like “spink” for a cute little like or I think you are cute to “cortay” for strong as interest while in the same room but forget you otherwise or “flam” for rocking someone’s world or whatever others that our creative minds can invent. Or, we can talk more and hang out more and observe more to determine what people mean by the overused, ambiguous word “love”, the most powerful word in the universe that is routinely dumbed down to enjoying driving a new vehicle. And maybe if we are clear enough to the other person involved, we can begin to understand them a bit more. And when you understand someone more, you love them more (unless you find they are shallow or immoral or unethical- then you have discovered a great reason to run). Time never wasted. 🙂

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