Smaller than God

Any problem can be put into its proper perspective if you say “This is smaller than God”. This works because it is truth. Everything is smaller than God. You, me, problems, disappointments, discouragements, darkness, death, Satan, enemies, hatred, every single thing you can imagine or call up, God is bigger. This is a great faith building exercise. Write it on notes everywhere. Text yourself. Text a friend. “This is smaller than God”. Or you can take the bigger half, and say the same thing like this “God is bigger than this.” Of course, for this to work, not only do you have to know God is bigger and problems are all smaller, you need to also bear in mind that God loves you so much!! So, He is bigger but also has your back. Whoa. Big story. So there it is, short, sweet and to the point, in the face of any problem, “This is smaller than God.” Once we know that mixed with His great love for us, anything that hits us is temporary and doable because God supplies all our needs according to His riches in glory (and He owns everything). All He needs from us to accomplish this provision for us is the faith of a humble heart. We muster that faith and it unleashes God’s willingness to fix it. We have to give Him the reins. “This is smaller than God.” And God loves me.

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