Vacation Moments

It is impossible (financially, time wise, etc.) To vacation as often as I would like. It just cannot be done. So, the absolutely beautiful mind is that we can command it when we must. And when crazy is becoming your dominant feature, we can call ourselves out for a brief vacation moment to calm our butts down and regain some peace before we continue on our merry way. When you are away from it all, even for a few minutes or hours if you are really blessed, the phone off, the TV off, the tablet and computer off, it becomes amazing that we tolerated all that noise before and no duh that we need a break from it once in a while. We need silence. Of course that happens indoors. Sometimes we need the noisy but peaceful silence of outdoors. Sometimes we need jazz or classical music, so staying that takes us where we usually are not mentally. Sometimes I change something up, add candles to dinner, draw a bath, add lights to a tent for the kids, so staying to mentally put you somewhere else. Isn’t that what a vacation is? The benefits are enormous: happy kids, happy spouse (well, unless like mine your spouse dislikes romance), happy me, happy you, peace and joy. There is a luxury in momentary escape. It refocuses you on what is truly important and what is distracting nonsense, which turns out a lot of chaos in life is. Most things in life can wait a little bit to answer, respond to, focus on. Very little is as important as we make it out to be. And really, if we get flustered at every little thing, how much faith in God could we possibly be exercising??


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