Supportive Wives Unite

Call me old fashioned (and I freely admit that I am so it won’t hurt a bit) but in my world, wives are supposed to support their husbands, provided they are not abusive or against God. Likewise a man should be supportive of his wife, out of love and honor. But neither should abuse that privilege and start making demands for their own selfish gratification. I would never pull my husband away from something he loves, even if I don’t necessarily love it too. I find some way to support his love for it and cheerlead and encourage no selfishly demand he stop because I am not interested in that. In marriage you lose the right to be a selfish narcissist. And a man you are supposed to love needs your support and not threats or manipulations. It happens a lot. Girlfriends of mine want my sympathy because they aren’t getting their way all the time. And I cannot give it. When your husband is treating you well and loving you and providing for you, you want more? You want everything your little heart desires, like you are still 5? Pout, pitch a fit like a spoiled child? Nuh uh. Doesn’t fly with me. Rather ticks me off, as you might be able to tell. I have been treated badly and treated well, and when your husband is doing what he should, you should reward him, support him, love on him, care for him. Who the heck do you think he has in his corner? You! God put you together for a reason. You help him, he helps you. We are surprised men aren’t acting like men? You treat them like children and not the man God gave you to care for you. Really? We need to get our priorities in check. Support your man. Stand by him. He will appreciate it and be an even better man! You win in the long run for a little effort you put out now. Efforts of a good wife are never unrewarded by a good husband. One way to be happy. Getting what you want never causes long term happiness but giving what you want back (respect, honor, love) always does.


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