Procrastinating For Health

I am a driver. I drive. I have an inner drive, an inner energy I cannot explain to you. It seems to annoy or at least fascinate people who do not have it. I did nothing to earn it. I was born this way. It has its ups and downs. I can get anything done I set my mind to, often without having to take breaks or eat or drink or sleep. I just go. The down side is that I have suffered heat stroke because something in my mind did not say, slow down and drink some water, little girl. I am the go to person usually, which can be a plus because things get done. Down side is that I will create things to do in my mind if I have nothing to do with my hands. I can do great art, but I can ignore the details in life, like cleaning. When I decide to clean it is amazingly clean. When I don’t get there, it can get really messy really fast. So procrastinating is something I do for my health. People think of it as a bad thing. Delays in accomplishments are sometimes quite healthy, though, as I have found. I tend to put off a task when someone is forcing me to do it for their benefit only. I tend to put my family before someone else’s demands of my time. I tend to delay a duty put to me to accomplish that really has no purpose at all but to make someone’s ego puffier. Yes, I like to please those I love. I have no innate desire to please anyone else. Sound crass? Maybe, but being honest, it is how I am cut. God gives us all gifts, abilities. Some people are so good at making everyone around them happy that they end up miserable. These people are self-sacrificing and amazing souls. Sometimes, just sometimes mind you, they tend to lose maybe too much of themselves in the midst of living up to the demands of the narcissistic ones who seem to rule the world or at least be of a majority number now. “All about me” gets a little old to try to satisfy all the time. They seem to take more and more and more and give less and less and less. Drain the ocean. So, I procrastinate for these demanding folks. I love them, but my families and my God come first. Other people can wait a minute. Not because they don’t have legitimate needs, but because I have priorities. I have this drive but I am still the driver. 😉


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