One ability I always wanted was to fly. I used to think on the farm that if I ran fast enough and believed enough, had enough faith, that I would fly. Funny, I never blamed physics that it didn’t work. I blamed my lack of faith. I prayed co stantly for more faith. I worked at it. I tested it. I never got into enough trouble for my daredevil tricks to test this growing faith. As my faith grew (because I survived somehow and must have the busiest, most awesome guardian angel on the planet), so did my fearlessness. As my fearlessness grew, so did my boldness and feeling of being gprotected by God. And I was responsible with that huge gift. I never entered a fight unless it was a noble cause, the plight of an innocent less-fearless person, for instance. I also started to teach my friends about faith and its rewards by showing what it could do. I taught faith. I healed, or rather God healed and I happened to be there touching and talking. I went into a healing profession to make people better from their spirit and soul out. It continued. But even jumping out of an airplane, the exhilaration of it, the excitement, it was still not flying as I imagined it should be. It was again St gravity, not using it and the winds as your accomplices. I had a plaque that I looked at every day that had soaring hawks and said, “The reason that birds fly and we can’t is that birds have perfect faith, and to have faith is to have wings.” Flight was the goal. Faith was the gift. Fast forward 30 some odd years and here is the gift maturity has started bringing me. What I or anyone wants most in the world is never farther than your soul and spirit, the essence of you. The mind God gave you can work out the specifics but the soul and spirit of me can take me into flight. The imagination can very vividly place me on the back of a giant eagle as it twists and turns along the air currents, allowing them to take me to touch the clouds. Faith frees the I pagination to soar and unleashes the Spirit to help. When you believe, you can see. When you do not give up, it will happen. Hope is life, it powers the faith and the faith powers hope. And absolutely none of these things cross our paths unintentionally or accidentally. There are no accidents. Not one. God gives these things. Why? So we can enjoy life and live it to its full potential. He loves us and what perfect Father does not want what is best for His children? So, my goal was flight. God gave me faith to see myself in flight. And now the faith can help everyone I come in contact with by giving them hope. God provides so we can provide. God loves us so we can love. Misery should not be in the picture for long. Faith gives hope, mixed with a little patience and you have the makings of a beautiful life.


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