The Power of Love

Love is hope. That in of itself is an incredibly powerful thing. Hope is what makes everything endurable. Love is hope because throughout all of life you realize that someone or Someone believes you are worth loving and thus are worth saving. “There is no greater love than to lay down your life for your friend.” God has that for us. So we are worth a great deal to Him. And love here on earth supports His view of our worth, of our value, of hope. Hope says you might be struggling, baby, but I dig you. You have intrinsic value, even if only to me and God. You are worth loving and I give you that love. Love is hope. Powerful, powerful stuff. Love also is light. A wise friend in a conversation recently (yes, we talk deep) said that three things can only go so far: evil, dark, and cold. All of those have dead end results- cold can only get so cold, evil can only get so evil (death), and dark can only get so dark. However, heat, light and goodness have no bounds, which is why these are traits of God. So love being light, good and hot is accurate because God is love. Love is also light because it shines out so brightly in a dark world. Everything might look shady, unclear, dim, confusing and out of that, bing! love comes upon you in an encouraging word, a hug, some amazing time together, a gift, an act of service, whatever it may be and all of a sudden, clarity, light, life is clear again. Clarity can only come with light. Light comes with love. Powerful stuff. Love is also powerful because it contains within its very core an insane amount of joy and peace, which I swear are cousins. In love there is calm and happiness. It is a place where you are safe and can enjoy life. Powerful powerful stuff. I love love. 🙂


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