The Power of a Hug

Hugs express love in a faster, deeper way than anything else I know of, especially if accompanied by kind or encouraging words. It is a gift that takes time, gentility, attention and compassion. The recipient is honored by the gift. When feeling a little low or left out, a hug says, “I see you. I care enough to include you.” Or when feeling a little neglected, a hug says, “It’s okay. I love you.” Little expresses those as poignantly as a hug. The very best at it are those who have empathy that drives them. These people are gifts and treasures to the world. They are quiet often, sometimes shy, easily diminished by those whjo wish to rule them, but these are who should be lifted high. The world screws this up, spouses screw this up, countries screw this up. Our greatest treasures and those who should be celebrated and attended to and paid attention to are these precious empathetic souls who know and understand people greater than any others. They have valuable knowledge, priceless understanding, the ability to put themselves into someone else’s shoes and appreciate and love them. They are the most effective huggers, the compassionate ones, the ones who make you feel amazing just because they get you and love you anyway. These beautiful precious souls should be put on a pedestal, should be respected and adored for this sacred gift they hold and choose to share with humanity, whether they are worthy of it or not. I love these people and wish to resemble them in any small way. Hug on, you perfect souls. I love you dearly.

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