Hiking Magic

There is nothing in the world that brings you back to right thinking than a wonderful hike away from society. It brings God back into His rightful place as Maker of all of this. It clears your mind of nonsense and distraction. It exercises your body while refreshing your mind. It is real in a world of uncertainty. It make the important evident a d the unimportant all but disappear. Hiking is like magic! And it is completely tech free! (Except the phone I was using as my camera, of course.) And if you hike long enough, like we did today, you will be suddenly struck that the priorities of life at home may be paying the bills, food, getting along well with others, love, but in reality and in nature, never take drinking water for granted. That is really really important! πŸ™‚ Also to note, being in a beautiful area of hiking, you walk around feeling so special, that God made all this knowing that you would be walking through it enjoying it at that precise time. So cool! And breathing is better, even after climbs up and down and lots of exertion with an adorable little 5 year old to help. You don’t breathe in fumes and air conditioning, you breathe actual fresh air. And so far, that is the only way to get it. Fresh air as yet has not been bottled and sold at the store, although I am certain I just gave someone an entrepreneurial idea. You are welcome. So, commercial over, go get a hike in with someone you love or just yourself you love and enjoy life just a little more! πŸ™‚

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