Pondering Sickness

You can tell a lot about a person by seeing how they handle sickness. You can tell a lot by how they care for the sick too. But those are distinctive. People can be graceful and loving when others are sick but bears when sick themselves. So their response to their own sickness shows their true colors. And not just a common cold but a full fledged viral flu attack. If they want to be alone and sleep and suffer in silence, they are maybe not convinced that other people are helpful or necessary or trustworthy to help. If they want you to wait on them hand and foot, they probably milk it just a little and want to be comforted and coddled back into health. If they bark at everyone, they tend to be more selfish and controlling because not being in control of their health is irritating them. And if they go to the doctor first they are more proactive and protective of themselves. Of course I may be wrong, as I have more experience with my patients of the last 12 years being confronted with diminished hearing not health. But the premise is there and personal observation. And it makes me think of what my being sick makes me like and what I can see of myself in my illness, which I happen to have right now. It is not severe, obviously or I would be sleeping right now if severe enough and certainly would not be writing, but it is an illness nonetheless. But when I am sick (unless very severe), I work anyway and make sure my husband and kids have what they need. I work through it, as taught me by my father. So, what does that say? Weird to think about your response to illness as showings great deal about your character or personality. But it does give glimpses you can see no other way.

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