Missing People

When you have lived in as many diverse places and states as I have, you inevitably are forced to leave behind people you love. When you are going and in constant motion and working, so on, you don’t realize the significance of that so much. When you get a bit older and are settled in your location and aren’t quite as busy with life (in the constant movement sort of way), you start to think deeply of those friends and family still lovingly where you left them. And you start to feel a bit selfish about moving away to bigger opportunities or what not and not staying. That is mixed with knowing that moving at that time was what I believed to be the right thing for the right reasons. So, there is that. And there is the precious people I love who made it to heaven before me. Heaven is blessed to have you, precious Grandma treasure and my beautiful twin brother. I am missing you, so much that my heart skips sometimes in longing for one more conversation with you, one more hug, one more look into your eyes. Then there is missing those you love that are close by but not readily accessible because they are busy with their lives and families and loving contact often has to be secondary to real life and commitments. And that causes deep sadness and loneliness when we can’t be together when we want, which is often with the truest friends. But at the same time, you know you are fulfilling commitments made and that is rewarded. So, for all my friends and family that I dearly love and long to spend time with, I appreciate being a part of your heart. I genuinely miss you. I wish we could be together so much more! I would cook for you all. 🙂 I remember all the time why you are an important person in my heart and I love you. 🙂 My door is always open and coffee is readily made.

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