On Difficult Decisions

Difficult decisions seem to run in bunches, which is ironic because it makes difficult decisions more difficult. I firmly believe that, as a wise friend counselled me, that sometimes you should wait it out. There is a strong temptation to act quickly, make hasty decisions, generally that feel the best at that moment and then pickup the pieces later. But unless it is a vital matter, sometimes waiting brings clarity and peace. If you feel like you are pushing a decision or being pushed, the decision may not be God’s will for you. If you want to involve God in your plans, which is highly recommended, you need to give Him space to direct your heart and mind and plans and timing. Rash decisions are generally badly done, even if they are the right decisions. God knows what is best and how best to get you to it and we must give Him time to work. We are in such a hurry, aren’t we? Sometimes we need to just rest our plans in God’s hands and trust that He knows what He is doing and what is best for us. Because He does. He really really does. And He knows also what is best for everyone else involved in the decisions, because no decision is ever made in a vacuum. Something perfect for you may be hard for the kids. Something easy for you may drive your fish crazy. That sort of thing. God loves other people too and knows what we all need and want and gives us those things in His perfect timing. I now understand and accept my wise friend’s counsel. It is hard when we want to drive to move over to the passenger’s seat and let God drive. He doesn’t even need a map. He designed and built the road! He also designed and built the vehicle. And you.

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