Jolly Bells and Grinches

The world is full of the happiest sounds. Some people are happy to be grouchy, it seems. Some are happy to be clueless. Some are happy to be happy despite grumpy and clueless people. But for everyone in between, I salute you. There is a battle at war within yourself you wage every day. You know who you are. You are the many people who vacillate every day, often many times a day, between happy and grinchy because you can’t commit to one or the other. You walk the tight rope of indecisiveness and lave those around you perplexed and thankful that they made a decision long ago. So to the middle classes, I salute you. You must be exhausted. I myself have often travelled the sticky ground from happy to grinchy and back. However, since inspired to do this writing, I am deciding that happy is my committed lifestyle. I would rather be a happy jolly bell ringer than a grumpy Grinch be-er. I am thinking happy is a better lifestyle choice. And I happen to know personally the Maker of us all, who happens to have joy in His DNA. I guess since He made me I must have it also. That is pretty great.

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