Gifts that Matter

The gifts that matter are not really gifts as you think of them. The gifts you hold in your hand don’t really mean a thing. Unless. And here is the real gift. The person buying the gift has paid attention. They have listened, cared to learn you, wanted to respond to their knowledge of what you like and dislike, cared enough to get for you what you would get for yourself. I have an Aunt Rosie who does this and I have a friend now who I have found does this too. It is the glory of love shown through into the designated gifts that are only for you. They are the best gifts in the world because you pick them up and feel loved. You don’t look at them funny and wonder if that person knows you at all. Just leave those at the store. But when someone has purposefully picked out what suits you best and taken time out of their busy schedule and money out of their pockets to purchase for you something that proves they are paying attention and truly love you, those are the gifts that matter. I am loved. It is proof. Beyond words. šŸ™‚


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