Finding the Lost Pieces of You

I am not whole yet. I am still not connected to every part of myself. What I mean by that is not a cooky physical thing- thankfully all my parts are where they should be. I am meaning the spirit and soul of us. It is easy for the physical to eke in and distract and reason us away from connecting to the spiritual parts of us that help make us who we could be best. The spirit within us is able to forge through hardships our physical us would break against. The soul of us drives us to do and be when the physical says it’s all over. The spirit in us keeps us increasing in beauty and wholeness though the physical has begun its decline. All the parts of us combine to make us who we are. Some parts get stuck with traumas. That one part is lost in that moment of anguish and always acts like that age. Unless we yell out the pain and grief to the Healer (who made us and who knows much more about us and what we are capable of than we do) and allow Him to restore us. Every precious soul He lovingly made, including me and including you, is made for a fantastic reason to do great things for our Creator and fellow human beings and care for His earth. We women have the amazing ability to incubate a life inside us that God creates there with His touch and design of our DNA. We give birth painfully (thanks so much, Eve) but amazingly and the bond we share with this beautiful created soul and body and spirit is strongly love. Our challenges we face make us stronger together. Our experiences bind us further. Nothing can grow us more wholly than the love of our Maker. Nothing can fulfill and heal and anchor us faster than the One who knows and yet love us best. No person can fill that healing role for long but God can forever. Messed up like I have a lot? God heals and restores. Sinned? God forgives. Hurt with a caved in heart and grief? God can hug your heart and comfort your soul, inside out. Feeling ugly and alone like we all do sometimes? God knows everything about where your beauty and meaning lies. He knows the areas of weakness and every area of incredible strength within you. He honors and blesses us with gifts He drops down from Heaven when we are paying attention. He puts the right people in our path at the right time with exactly the right touchor word for that moment you need it. God organizes your finances toprovid what you need when you need it. Sometimes He tests and tries you because no good Father gives His kids so much without expecting them to grow and checking on them. And God is a very very good Father.


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