The Toad on the Road Pancake

After a rain, in our neighborhood especially for some reason, I will inevitably see at least one toad on the road, smoother like a pancake. A toad on the road pancake. The toad goes onto the pavement for whatever reason- get out of the wet grass, catch easy bugs, whatever- and here comes an unsuspecting driver and bam! Toad pancake. Of course, this upset me the first several times I walked by. Later, it was just another toad in the road who made a bad choice that got him into a position to lose his little life. People are more important than toad’s and I used to think much smarter, but I guess that depends on what they think is more valuable. Taking a chance on a quick, easy meal or benefit versus waiting out the rain in safety and living to eat another day. Other lessons are here to learn and I will ponder them a bit more. Perhaps these toad’s do not die in vain. Perhaps they teach us what not to do. Perhaps they remind us that when we meander out into danger, danger will come running to meet us and if we don’t get out of the way, we can lose everything. Perhaps they just show us the power of a heavy car and blaring headlights, perhaps they remind us of the distraction of rain in our lives which obstruct our view and push us to make a decision. Perhaps I think too much. In any case, the toad in the road pancake is an interesting and for me thought-provoking phenomenon.

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