The Importance of Hope

Hope. Hope is the best gift of all from God. More than life because life without hope isn’t so great. Hope only comes from God, through Jesus Christ our Savior and Messiah. Hope is knowing the whole plan and your security in that plan. You will never see hope if you are studying the muck and mire and filth around us. You will see plenty of those things but no hope. You will see hope when you study God and His loving plan for our forever. Hope is stronger than anything else, any amount of pain, any torture, any danger, any strife, any selfishness around us, any ignorance, any bullying. Hope trumps all those. How? This life is extremely temporary. When this temporal life is done, we have an enormous eternity with God who loves us and made everything and also made this beautiful paradise we will happen to live with Him in year after year, decade after decade, millennium after millenium, in peace and harmony and love and appreciation and no crying or sadness and completion. That is hope. I can go through anything now if there is a glorious reward later. I can take the pain and heartache now if later I am cuddled in serenity. Hope is bigger and more powerful than anything else on the planet or in the universe, other than the Giver of that hope. It is incredible. We can dream of hope, dream of a perfect future, imagine what it will be like, study God who will be there, focus on this blessed hope. We can lift our hearts out of the current and into the clouds where recharging occurs, appreciation grows, understanding is fostered. Then we can share hope and subsequent joy with others. Hope is big enough for everyone. πŸ™‚


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