Inspiring Admiring

Sometimes when an artist is struggling to get their voice, someone admiring their work will inspire them to express themselves in a way that rises higher than any previous attempt. And when that inspiring admiration comes from someone who loves them, the message rings more pure. For you see, the sensitive artist needs encouragement five million time more than criticism in order to strike up the confidence to shine their own star. An artist may seem replete with confidence to get where they are when you see them but the closer you get to their steps, you look ahead with them and see a short distance only as they do because their journey is not yet clear. However, you look behind and see what amazing strides have been taken. We are all on a journey. The artist has a journey that ties their creativity to their present location. The wise lover of an artist will inspire their artist with admiration and encouragement and thus push them into the unknown where their artistry takes them to a new place on their journey. With proper encouragement and trusted arms to hold onto, the artist will flourish in their artistry and be more of who they can be. Remember the importance of your words. Remember the importance of your glances and supportive and balancing arms to the sensitive soul. Remember that sounds from criticism cut down the potential of the sweet soul and it takes long strides in the positive to overcome short stops in the negative. Consider your children to be artists in this light. Children, not only your own but all crossing your path, need positivity to flourish. And in common with the artist, will not ask you for this help. This does not mean they don’t need it. It may mean they don’t realize how badly they need it. The only exception to this is the Great Artist, God the Creator. He does not need our admiration to be I worked to improve. He is perfect and does the encouraging. This is beautiful.


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