Repurposing Your Heart

When your heart has been trampled upon, which all of ours has been at one or more points in our lives, there are several choices you can make on what to do with this broken thing. The first choice option is to give up. Never love again, never put yourself out there, never believe you are worth another shot. The second choice is to not purposefully choose anything but let the winds of happenstance and whatever blow you about to keep being trampled upon on and off like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, if you will. So not choosing is also a choice. A third option for a broken heart is to try to self medicate with something or someone unqualified to treat except with a momentary bandage. This can be a fantastic distraction from the pain and oscillate from feeling great to feeling worse. This is a very common choice because it gratifies the wounded self and appears to be something the wounded one can control and at least for that moment feel better with. The last choice is the long term healing solution. It is to allow an amazing physician to heal the brokenhearted soul. Mending sometimes is a process and sometimes leaves scars and sometimes hurts a bit to let go of that perceived control. Healing in of itself requires the patient first to admit something is wrong and then get help from a qualified expert in healing. Tough stuff. This is the least popular choice because of pride, though it is the most effective and long term healthy and satisfying. Healing comes from the Good Physician, the One who made us. Thisis the best choice. When the One who made your heart repairs your old broken one, there is the the best chance for happiness and health and capacity to love again , for we are cut to want to love.


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