The Weirdness of Life

Life is strange. It is naturally much weirder than anything we can think up on our own. Some things we never thought would faze us take us right down. Other things we don’t think we can handle, we breeze through. We think this would never be an issue for us and it suddenly is. Other things we thought would be an issue turns up nothing. We invent a separate reality in our mi ds with worry or fanciful imaginations or other people’s thoughts and opinions and real life turns up and screwup everyone’s manipulations and control attempts and irrationalities and screams “How dumb! I am way stronger and more real than all this. God is in charge and not you or anyone else”. And if we were still 8, we would cry to momma but now that we are significantly more than that, momma’s got her own issues, if she is still here at all. So we move along the best we can, vacillating between fighting up stream and floating down and sometimes fighting to dog paddle to safety when our little boats are capsized. That is the weirdness of life. And it fits with our own weirdness in so e quirky way. It brings out our best, which might consist of humbling ourselves into God’s hands. Or maybe it teaches us what we are capable of, for better or worse. So, the weird you experience should never scare or mystify us. It is actually normal. Embrace the weird. Expect strange. Life will be easier the more realistic you are about these things. Lol


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