The Word that Launched a Thousand Changes

I have friends with cancer, and it transformed their lives like a newborn baby does. My dear sister in law just walked into heaven today because of it. Lord rest her soul! Now that my mom has it, the big “c” word is more of a real change. Yes it is tiny now because they caught it early and yes a lumpectomy will hopefully remove it and make chemo and radiation unnecessary. All that may be true, but there are a myriad of doctor’s appointments and financial complications. Before someone close to you or you have it, you don’t realize how much doctors and surgeons and lab rats and hospitals get paid to save your life. They are reverse assassins- well paid saviors. Anyway, lots of changes ensue, almost overnight. And complications inevitably arise, like now an irregular ECG is delaying this necessarily soon surgery and we have to wait until a cardiologist who accepts her insurance can make time in his busy schedule and golf games to see her. So, the point amidst the ventings and ramblings is that cancer changes lives as fast as a newborn baby does, without the cuddles and cuteness. And all through these changes, I am taking them all in stride, why? Because I am a strong hero of some kind who doesn’t feel pain? Nope. Because I have some gift of superhuman strength? Well, kind of. It is because there is always every disaster, every problem, every battle this one thing. Hope. Hope is stronger than power, stronger than pain, stronger than suffering, stronger than chaos. It is the superhuman superpower given by the Holy Spirit to those who accept Christ as their Savior. It is the steady focus and gift of proper perspective and assurance that no matter what happens, I will be with God. And really, the other stuff and people matter, they do, but God matters most. He is in control. He is in charge. If He wants to heal, nothing wrong can live there. If faith is produced, healing happens if it is God’s will. And if God wants us, any of us anytime, to be home with Him, that is where we will be, tucked away in His love. Here we are also tucked away in His love. So there is no losing. There is success either way. Planning and changes must happen. But hope is always available to those who choose it


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