Only the Lonely

Everyone understands loneliness. It is huge. I think it is a major tool of the devil to get us down. He uses it so much because it is so effective. We are social creatures. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of holidays actually make that loneliness much more pronounced and obvious. Friends and family are busy with their own plans, having fun, enjoying all that it brings. Others of us without family nearby or that are so busy with their own lives are left looking from inside a window and longing for that fun friendship, those arms around us, words that say we matter. It is easy to disregard those who were taught to always put a smiling face forward. So the moral to this happy story is that there are lonely people around us that do not look lonely but are suffering for want of human acknowledgement and affection. Please in your runnings here and there, do not forget to keep your eyes open. Opportunity to help and show love is everywhere. People need you. We need you. 🙂

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