My Very Best Friends

When you can be yourself without fear of judgment or censure or criticism or reproof, the person you can be that way with should never be let go of. When a person makes you want to be better because they believe in you so much and genuinely care, that person needs desperately be honored in your life. When a person delights your heart with their presence and receives delight from you, that person needs to be respected and never taken for granted. That person is the best of friends and mutual love and connection take place. The best of friends communicate with you often without saying anything but with great feeling and depth. They get you. They see your flaws and imperfections and choose to see the greatness instead. They lift you up in prayer and in their hearts as if you really do matter in the world. These treasures are priceless. Nothing on the earth is more valuable than a best friend. Nothing is as valuable. There is no one you want to run to faster to talk or just hang with. A best friend knows and understands just the tone in your voice, regardless of your words. Friends like that are exquisite masterpieces and worth more than gold. They capture your heart for an eternity and never ever leave it. Years or miles or illness can not separate them. They are intertwined in experience, meshed in a supernatural placement of being in the same facility at the right time with the right state of mind. It is extraordinary when it happens. And it is very rare, priceless and precious. I cannot tell you the depth of love and appreciation I have for my best friends. I love a d appreciate you so very abundantly much. That will always be true. I know you and you know me. That is much more rare than we think. 🙂

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