Words of Peace

There is peace in my heart. I have it. Many want it. The world has little peace right now. It is a mess, actually and it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to see that. Give a little eye to the news and you see crazy. Look around at the mall and strange is there. There is still the firm presence of peace in my heart though and I want you to know why. Peace is not the absence of war or co flict or even sincere torture or neglect or unfairness. Peace is not a stillness when everything else around is quiet and calm. Peace is not only found after a fresh snowfall or at a tropical beach or in the standing of a grandiose mountain. No. Peace, in its pure and true form is calm and stillness and unmovable certainty amidst calamity and struggle and calm and chaos and goodness. Peace is stronger than the environment you are in, stronger than the wholeness of any human’s being. The greatest on earth are poor for lack of it and the poorest can be the richest for possession of it. Peace is that great, that fierce in its presence. Peace can humble the most powerful of kings and warriors. It can and may be possessed by the tiniest of people. Peace is not something that may be purchased or earned or acquired through inheritance and yet is received by enormous sacrifice, though not your own. And here I give you the secret of peace for free. To have peace within you, you have to accept the sacrifice of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and God provides you peace immediately. When you place your trust and cares and problems and sins into God’s ha ds in this way, the moment you are saved, He releases you from the cares and worries of this world into a higher version of yourself, one where nothing bothers you because you know God is in control and He loves you and is with You. Knowing Him better produces trusting Him more. Then whatever happens, nothing can come across your path that He has not allowed for some reason and you can rest in that. Things may have turbulence but you are still flying high.

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