Loving the Inside of You

Everyone longs to be loved. No, that’s not it. Everyone longs to feel loved. Yes, that’s deeper. You can be loved by someone without feeling loved at all or much. People sometimes live their entire lives that way. Other people have been pushed so low that they don’t even love themselves anymore. My husband’s ex coworker just killed himself the other day. He for some reason saw no hope, felt no love, didn’t love himself enough to try again or continue living. This is horrific. A life lost. Children and spouse mourning. Tragic. So, in keeping with my longing in life to help heal people and show my love to whomever crosses my path, I offer a secret. It is the fantastic secret to how to love yourself, the you inside that is you, the eternal you. Here is the secret. Ready? Here it is. Love and focus on God. That is the secret. How does this work? When we focus on us, we can only love ourselves until we start seeing all the blaring flaws we all have and our poor eyesight compares our seen flaws with others’ unseen-by-us ones and voila, disaster. We end up more dissatisfied, less worthy of our love. Or the opposite can happen that we see no flaws at all and feel we deserve all the happiness in the world (thank you, all the sadistic marketers of the world) and then are dissatisfied when others don’t treat us perfectly, as is our right for breathing or something. Dissatisfaction leads to lower self-worth. So, to love ourselves better, we must go to the source of who made us, which is of course God. Studying the perfect Maker of the vessel brings greater appreciation to the vessel. Consider the old story of an antique violin. It is seen as junk, the auctioneer starts the bid low and goes lower. The master of the violin walks up, picks it up and begins playing it masterfully with great love and passion. As he puts it down, the audience in awe, the auctioneer begins again at 1,000 times the value and continues upward. The difference was not in the violin but in the Master. We are like that violin. Compared to some, we may not have much going for us. Even the talented will always find someone more talented than they. However, we have an incredible loving, brilliant Master. When we study Him, we marvel at what He purposefully made with great love and care. We can love ourselves, our inner essence, to much greater affect when we feel the love of our Maker. Then our love is His love, our life is His life. Nothing is more beautiful than that.

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