The Blessing of Pain

I read a book by a physician who studies leprousy around the world, which still exists. He discovered the chief complaint among patients is not feeling anything. They have numbness, but more so, they can not feel pain. They long to feel pain. Why? Seems absurd toso many of us who never want to experience and often medication somehow the first time we feel pain. The reason is that if they were to feel pain, they would remove their limbs from danger and not lose them so easily. Painis your body’s way of telling you to move or watch out or withdraw or self protect. The other thing about pain that they said was that if they could feel pain, they would know they were alive. Pleasure does so also but not nearly as reliably. So to feel pain is to validate your existence. I am here. I felt that. Humanity demands a voice. Being fully alive, fully human demands that we relate to each other. Pain is a common bond between all people. We all have pain. So we can all share humanity. We relate to each other through pain. Various levels, various shades, yes, but it is all there. It teaches and trains. Without pain, we would not be who we are. We would be boring, inexperienced, spoiled, untried, lackingu sure of what we can be or take, lacking compassion and empathy. Stay with me. Our pain and our reactions to that pain bind us and are our mutual blessing. At the time they do not seem so but God always knows what is going on and guide it to its perfect ends. Living a full life is not possible without pain.

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