People should write more songs about music. πŸ™‚ Music is life. It encompasses everything. It involves everything. When good music is played or even mediocre music is played, everything around is called out, comes alive, sways to the rhythm, thrives in the tempo, dances in the mode. Music involves the player,the listener, the surrounding people, the place, everything. Music is math. Music can heal. It allows emotion to be conveyed. It gives freedom to feeling. It presents another person’s ideas and vibe into a form others can get and feel like they are connected in some way. Music is life to all ages, all situations, all faiths, all feelings, all of you. The sound waves produced are simultaneously heard by all around and immediately interpreted by every part of your brain. There is no higher form of worship to God and no more powerful force on the planet. It can take beasts or provoke madness. Music can relax and heal or just really annoy, but it is the realest entity alive. And when it is melodic and harmonic, the sound produced can captivate your heart like nothing else on this planet. Music is a strong part of me and I share that with all of the world. It ties us, bonds us, unites us and strengthens us. With my band family, we play oldies rock and roll that elicits happiness and good memories for our dear older listeners. With my band family at church, we play worship music for the church that unites us in worship to the God who created it. Alone in the dark, I play classical pieces on the piano that soothe my soul and voice my experiences. When we lose a band member, we lose that exact identity and flavor and mourn because of a loss of that understanding and artistry that person brought to the coupling. And when a new member is added, the flavor again changes and is enhanced by their addition. Each player is unique, each plays from their experience with life, depth of character, strength of spirit. Playing instruments together is an intimate dance for a purpose, asking listeners to join us in our song, meet us where we are. It is beautiful. Music is beautiful. It voices all of nature around us, puts validity to emotions, drives out fear, appoints lovers tools to use, beckons life to be supported and celebrated. Play it loud, be heard, hear it. Move with it. πŸ™‚


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