Two Left Thumbs

I am ambidextrous. Many people don’t know that about me. And I may not have been born that way but intensive piano lessons exercise the entire brain simultaneously and that promoted it maybe. Nonetheless, I can play the piano pretty well and can draw, paint, write, garden, weed, etc. all pretty well. However, carrying too many things at once will give me grief. Waitressing for a year in my ancient history helped quite a bit, but still on occasion, I am quite clumsy. Before that, I would have rivaled the Three Stooges with slapstick. Now, it is more of a drinking problem, where I don’t always get it in my mouth. It is very often on the natural tray of my shirt. So, elegance is selective with me. Who cares, right? Why bring it up? Lots of people are clumsy. There is nothing wrong with it. The reason I bring it up is that I was criticized and laughed at while growing up in my home for being clumsy. Instead of focusing on the extraordinary things I was excellent at, I was ridiculed for having a serious case of clumsiness. I was a big picture artist. If, in the course of human events, I was encouraged for my vision and artistry, it would not have taken me thirty some years to realize my areas of giftedness. The moral is this. Encourage your children/friends/family with whatever they tend to be good at. Don’t ridicule and put them down because what they are good at is not what you are good at. Be thankful that we are not all the same. Encourage, do not discourage. Those who are consistently picked on begin to believe they aren’t good at anything and shame on those doing the picking. They are stifling a gift, a life, a harmony within that person. Do not be on the picking end of things. Accept people as they are and love them for it and for the differences that make life so incredibly diverse and beautiful. I would hate a world where everyone was like me. I would hate it even more if everyone was like an idiot that wants everyone to be the same. Love people as they are before you and encourage them. You can do the world of good with this one simple thing. 🙂

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