Monumentous Moments

Dressed up in little tucks of real life are moments of distinctive grandeur that hold us captive all the rest of our days in glimpses of bliss. We need pay attention to these powerful and last monumentous minutes. There is often a disconnect between us and this fabulous treasures because we allow distractions to flood our minds and drown out the important stuff. Distractions are important or not but they mask what would be a smile-promoting memory with something else. The challenge is to choose which moments the most important mine to hang on to. We are often hypnotically drawn to the unimportant for some reason. Our eyes wander, our minds wander and we miss it. I have missed more of my life than I have lived and I refuse to continue that pattern. I want to pay attention. I want to form the noble capacity to weed out garbage and harbor goodness. I know God helps in that department when asked. I know focus has a lot to do with. And awareness is the last piece of the puzzle. If we screw up any of those, it is much easier to miss the blessing moments of life, the stuff that counts. A couple’s first kiss outside the door and hearts skipped a beat, a child’s first bike ride without training wheels, a child’s first time reading without help, the miracle of birth, the last meaningful conversation before losing someone to heaven. All these vital memory feeds are momentous and impactful to who we are. They must be found so still, despite a world full of nonchalance. Some historical epic moments need to keep their shine, hold their glory. They must or we lose us. Without heart full moments, days can lapse into years without ever moving us to be more, strive further, know us better, love us through.


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