Pondering Love

There are many forms of love. God’s form is pure, perfect, unconditional, really really motivational. Our kind tends more to be based upon performance or looks or self-gratification, on our terms. We strive for the perfect love. We desire it and our core yearns fiercely for that u conditional love. But are we humans capable of such an amazingly powerful but self-denying force? This is the core of my pondering today and this ramblings. We all live off of either the hope of love of love itself. Often love appears pure and giving to gain the commitment and heart of another o ly to cha be form into some self-grabbing, conditional thing based on co trip or what we think is best. When in actuality, there should be a completion of love within us through a firm relationship with God that ensures that love is present, no matter what the other person adds to that. Really really hard for that to happen. We have romance drives, hormone confusion, power plays, moments of ignorance, preconceived notions, past wounds, and that ever raging battle within us for our souls. The more desirable a love, the more we are willing to change who we are trying to be. And that screws us up and mixes up our otherwise healthier self-confidence. The best idea is to be alone for a while, complete and deeply loved by God and rest in that pure perfect unconditional love. Then if we are blessed to be with another person, we can enter into the relationship alongside each other, and move back away if we sense a change in who we know ourselves to be with God alone. That would be a healthy dance where people are relying on God for unconditional love and each other for love support and connection things but still remain effective servants of God and each other. Really complicated in real life, we sure can make it, but I imagine that this would be the ideal way of it for greatest fulfillment in life and power in living it. Would love to hear other thoughts. 🙂


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