An enormous problem for those of us who require time and encouragement to truly feel loved is that people are less available than they ever seem to have been. Distance is one variable, as my best friend is a 10 hour drive away. Family is another, as every person of course must take care of their own family life line. Technology is the worst variable. People are “busy” entertaining themselves. One way to cope in an increasingly more evil world. But without a dedicated amount of time with a person, face to face, hand in hand, how can you truly know the drive in the person, what moves them, how you can share life with them most purposefully? Unless you see and learn their passions and pursuits and how to compliment and encourage meaningfully, how can love be deeper than a helpful smile? How do you pursue ways to love and heal someone who crosses your path without dedicating serious time to them? Distractions are everywhere but what I long for is sincere and passionately helpful relationships in which my abilities seem designed to serve another and bring them greater meaning and realization of God’s goodness and who He designed them to be. How can we touch a soul for God if we do not connect with each other. So I appreciate the time my friends take to honor me by learning of me and allow me the honor of knowing and learning them. These treasured moments are life’s breath to me. My entire being appreciates these moments. They stay in my heart. They feed it and make a home there. It is life to me. So, thank you to my friends. And long live your attempts to touch another’s soul. Do not negate its value. Every effort you make in this arena will be rewarded. Nothing is more valuable.

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